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Q.  We don't have the internal resources 

A.  Our solutions can need no internal resources. Eg. with our property AI, we can just supply you new leads. We adapt to your situation.

Q.  We don't have the data

A.  We have some powerful industry specific data-feeds ready to use. If you have your own data, we will join, clean and reshape it to improve your bespoke AI solution.

Q.  We don't have the infrastructure

A.  Our solutions can range from creating bespoke internal AI systems to just giving you an email of AI created data.


Q.  It's takes too long, I want results now

A.  We will create a first customer level communication campaign in less than 3 months. We have short iterative development cycles. Most of our clients get significant uplifts in just a few months.

Q.  I don't believe it can work

A.  We have a 20X ROI use case using AI. You already have great data assets available so we can produce results incredibly fast.

Q.  It will not be GDPR compliant

A.  We have been audited by regulators and we are fully compliant. Our AI predictions are highly auditable. Regulators like that we can explain all key decisions at the user level.

Q.  It's a black box, I don't like AI

A.  Our AI design is highly interpretable. We sense check our findings with non AI business people to ensure quality and relevancy. 


Q.  You are just data geeks & you don't understand our industry

A.  We have over 7 years of industry knowledge and how to apply AI within the property industry. We move fast because we know your industry inside out.

Q.  You don't understand our technology stack

A.  We have used the same tech stack as you. We have used the same data as you. We are experts with on & off premise technologies.

Q.  You are too expensive and you want to lock in your services

A.  We deliver the best ROI according to our clients. We can have a commission based pay model so you only pay when our AI starts creating you new revenue.